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Capital of the great state of Minnesota. 1/2 of the twin cities.
St. Paul is a big place and a lot safer than places like Chicago and Detriot which are filled with Chinese gangs who wait to steal your credit cards and other things.
by Eric December 31, 2004
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Up yours too, god, what a whiny twit you are!
by kewlmanme123 May 09, 2005
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mom sent me to St Paul because she hates me.
by JJ Caez August 05, 2006
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a school...
-where you have to have more than a 2nd grade education to get into the upper school (BL)
-where every single person is not in frotch heaven when they get to school (Loyola)
-where the required courses are not how to plow, how to ride a horse, and how to not know any girls outside of your school (McDonogh)
-where we hit puberty before we turn 20 (Friends)
-where people know where the hell our school is (Spalding, John Carroll)
-where youre not white trash if you go to school there (Curley, St. Joe)

-"St. pauls is not a gay school biatch
by ignwguw October 08, 2005
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The poorest school in the state of michigan. Home of Petefile Teacher. Those who went through middle school there know who that is.
St Paul is still paying for a cheap ass gym yhey built 6 years ago.
by Matizzle August 25, 2006
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~if u are not accepted to sp its because ur family doesnt own a jeep, ~ur webshots document ur life (if u dont have them u obviously have no friends),
~"going up the hill" is code for "going to the bathroom to fix the hair and apply the makeup, then panting up 8 million steps to the lunch room where u strut ur stuff down the isle and guys stare like they've never seen a girl before".
~lax is a must; if u dont play it (or at least go to the games every weekend) ur life has no point
~spirit dance is a big makeout fest and if ur not grinding with the nearest person than u shouldnt be there
~girls get rides with random people who have the newest jeep up the hill every morning to prayers where they sit there and pretend to sing with the faculty.
~fake tanner and fake blonde hair is part of the dress code.
~where guys are welcome in every class as long as mrs. blackman aprroves of their hottness
~a normal meal consists of bbq doritos and a popsicle
~where preparation for putting on the hits starts in september
~there is a compitition to see who can have the shortest, tightest and most ass bearing skirt in the school
~where leaving campus to go to panera is more common than breathing
~where the varsity lax teams beat EVERYONE EVERY year
~and field hockey is second only to nothing
~where the universal away message is " cell"
~no one makes plans on thursday because of the oc
~where popping the collar of a pink ralph lauren polo is not an option.
mvp girl says to sp guy: i cant believe u guys beat loyola again! ur such awesome laxers!!
sp girl says to mvp girl: fuck off u kno u like them better.
by stpaulser May 03, 2005
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The worst place in the world a place that is so cheap that they will ask for money any chance they get. Home of the worst staff around a staff that likes to favor people. A staff that hate some people so much that they would get in trouble for tying their shoe or laughing no not kidding. All the people there are fags as well you will only find about 2 or 3 people there you can stand so stay away for your own good.
JJ: yo matt how much does st paul suck
matt: it sucks more then that one guy
JJ: what one guy
Matt: that one guy that is like really tall
JJ: Oh that guy you mean the petefile
by JJ Caez August 26, 2006
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