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fire crotch- someone with red pubic hair

usually refers to a guy
carrot top has a frotch.
by Little Lola August 27, 2005
128 67
See Fire Crotch. Slang for the term used for people with an orange crotch.
"Sup Frotch, tell your mama that she sucked last night."
by Frotch April 01, 2003
79 45
someone's who has orange pubic hair, you can usually tell if someone is a frotch if their eyebrows are orange.
"Man, I can't believe you fucked a frotch last night!"
by Lala POpo April 26, 2004
67 47
The conjunction of fire crotch.
Damn! Michelle is one sexy frotch.
by O to the wen January 02, 2007
35 26
One who has red hair and thus having red pubes or a "fire crotch"

fire + crotch = frotch
friend: god i hate casey
you: I know hes such a frotch
by who... chris jones August 19, 2007
18 15
someone who has very orange hair
Frotch: Trent Anderson
12 12
a red headed person, refering to ones color of red pubic hairs
I'll bet that teacher as a huge frotch.
by realOG January 01, 2007
12 12