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You lazy Bastard, It's Saint Paul.
Up yours too, god, what a whiny twit you are!
by kewlmanme123 May 09, 2005
You lazy bastard, it's Saint Paul.
Yeah, well, fuck you too.
by kewlmanme123 May 09, 2005
1- Governer of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty.
2- A great word to describe numbers.
1- Pawlenty finally shuts up those dumbass democrats.
2- How many guys did Terri Train do in the back seat of her car? Pawlenty
by kewlmanme123 May 08, 2005
A woman who has high rankings on the political spectrum. Rice is well known for her great efforts to bring about peace around the world, along with fighting terrorism. Condelizza Rice is a lovable version of George W Bush. She is a possible canidate for president in 2008. Another possible canidate would be Hillary Clinton.

If Rice was voted as president, not only would she be the first woman as president, but also the first person of color. It would show the world that America is in fact not racist, and could help America all away around. Compared to Clinton, Rice is far more moderate, with a slight taste of conservative. Clinton leaves that sour liberal taste that won't go away.

You might think Clinton would be a great president since she is a woman. Well then, that's sexist. But if you want to think in that frame, Condelizza Rice would be a great president because she is a black woman. Vote Rice '08, vote for progression.
New York voted for Hillary, the state where drugs are everywhere and kids sell themselves for sex and there is rap music and they cannot read. (An no changes since elections) Wel, four thos in Neu York, reed dis. Zoot up a cap in da ass and smok ur weed, Rice be prez for '08. Fizzizzle.
by kewlmanme123 May 08, 2005
AKA St Paul

Saint Paul is a city of about 275,000 in Minnesota. Saint Paul is one of the Twin Cities, the other city being Minneapolis. Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota. This is one fucked up town. To start out with, the streets in Saint Paul make about as much sense as wiping before you poop. There are streets that do the damnest things ever. Another sad fact about Saint Paul is the dumpy West Seventh Neighborhood and the eastside of Saint Paul. These areas are shittier then the ghettos of Chicago. With lawns lavishly decorated with many appliances and cars, one cannot feel but urged to get the hell out of there. With these areas of scum and filth, you'd think Saint Paul is a total shithole. There are a few good areas in Saint Paul. The Summit Avenue neighborhood, surrounding the beautiful Saint Paul Cathedral, contains homes so large and eligant, it's astonishing. Not too far away is the beautiful Capital Building. Our Capital is known to be the best building in all 50 states. Then across the I-35E, I-94 is the semi-ugly downtown area, where condos sell for $500,000 minimum (dumbasses). Then the smelly Mississippi River and damn does it smell. Well that's Saint Paul, Minnesota. Fuck it all, I'm moving to Cottage Grove.
I'm lost, these roads are all fucked up." "Then we must be in Saint Paul, get back onto Shepard Road and get the hell out of here.
by kewlmanme123 May 09, 2005
A nice city of Minnesota. It's glamor years were in the 60's with the Mary Tyler Moore Show and big industry. Today, 700,000 people live there. 10% of Minneapolis Residents are also Chicago Residents, but they screw both states and collect their welfare. 15% of Minneapolis Residents are white kids trying to be "black". 50% of the residents are immigrants. Can't complain about them, cause they are dumb white trash trying to be "black" and they work their ass off trying to make a living. The rest of the residents are average, middle class residents. 95% of Minneapolis Residents cannot drive slow enough (Constrast to the 99% of Saint Paul Residents who drive too damn slow). Minneapolis has an elaborate skyline, surrounded by ugly-ass sculpture parks created by liberals and hippies. Overall, Minneapolis is a nice city. Just don't be in the North Side without a gun, or you will get shot (usually by those white kids trying to be "black"). (PS- We regret ever voting for Jessie Ventura!)
I went to Minneapolis to watch the Vikings play, but I got shot at by those white kids trying to be "black", you betcha.
by kewlmanme123 March 17, 2005
A president who has balls and knows what's right for the world. So screw those pansy French, let those crazy hippies die with all their pot and shit, and let those fucktards who have nothing better to do then to stand around outside and complain to wither away. If they love peace so much, why don't YOU go over in Iraq, in Iran, in North Korea, and in Lybia and see if those crazy-ass murders will "talk" to you and you just see if they'll give up their nuclear weapons and their terrorists. Why not just give up America and freedom and let them dirt-bags screw you in the ass? I don't, and neither does Bush. George W Bush, the man with the plan.
I voted for Bush because Kerry is a liberal sissy. If those democrats hated Bush so much, then why even throw Kerry in? Are they SERIOUS?
by kewlmanme123 March 17, 2005

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