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An acronym meaning "whisper friendly". This term is generally used in online social and roleplaying games. A user who denotes that he is WF is open towards receiving private messages (or "whispers") from other players that he may or may not know.
"Hey, Sasha Moonpaw's website says that she's WF. I'm going to ask her for an RP session!"

"I am a cute girl with blond hair and green eyes. I'm always looking forward to a good chat. WF! ;)"
by Silverlink_the_Great September 26, 2009
Wanna fuck?Usable in every situation for an example in Counter-Strike as an indecent proposal
Jack:im 1337
Jack:what the hell does that mean?
Iippo:Wanna fuck?
Jack:lol noway dude
by Iippo May 09, 2006
1. WF, short for Winter Formal, also called Winterfest or Queen of Hearts Dance, is a dance held by high schools in the United States. It takes place between Homecoming and Prom, usually between January and March .

2. An event where hopefully few immature sophomores show up, due to their "boredom" during the previous Homecoming.
1. "Hey! Are you going to ask that girl to WF this upcoming Valentine's Day?

"Maybe. I'm hoping she'll ask me!"

2. "Hey Krizia. Would you like to go to WF with me?"

"Of course! :D"
by filetminhgon January 24, 2010
acronym for White folk
Man, why do those W.F. love jazz so much!
by Mike November 11, 2004
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