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Manufactured by Dodge from 2003-2005, based on the Neon/SX 2.0 body style. There was very little promoting done for the SRT-4 so in all fairness people have some very common misconceptions about it.

Dodge pulled the SRT-4 engine out of a PT Cruiser GT, the motor also saw production in the Mexican Stratus R/T. The PT-GT had a respectable 210 bhp as did the Stratus. Dodge tweaked the PCM and fuel system to bump the cars output to 215 bhp, but, Sport Compact car put a bone stock SRT-4 on a Dyno in 2003 and found 223 wheel horsepower. It is a well known fact that Dodge had underrated the vehicles power production to reduce insurance costs.

In 2004-2005 vehicles a Quaiffe LSD was added as well as larger fuel injectors. Which boosted the SRT-4's output to 230 bhp, another magazine test by Car and Driver showed that the 2004 SRT-4 had dynoed in at 233 wheel horsepower. Which makes the SRT-4 the fastest FWD production car in the world and the fastest Production car for under 20,000 dollars.

So please stop spamming garbage about this car, I challenge ANYONE who hates the SRT-4 to find a FASTER PRODUCTION CAR FOR UNDER 20,000 dollars. Instead of hating on a car, why not learn something about it. We owe Dodge for building the machine that they did for the price we paid. Nuff said, later. TURBOCHARGED FTW!
SRT-4's are a very underrated car, give them the respect they deserve. Remember if you ran into one jerk who has an SRT-4, it doesn't mean that all SRT-4 owners are jerks.
by SRT4ACR May 01, 2008
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A performance model of the popular Dodge Neon. The srt4 has a more performance look, and has a 2.4 liter 230 horsepower engine underneath the hood. With a performance interior, the srt4 is the fastest car ever to be produced for under 20 grand. Hated by everyone who doesn't have one, this is one fast car.
"That srt4 4banger sucks!"
"well it just smoked your v6..."
by Benny4 June 27, 2006
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a 2.4L turbocharged four cylinder fourdoor neon that smokes the average V8 buttrocker mobile and most rice burners. buttrockers hate it because it doesn't have a big V8, (nevermind the faster 1/4 mile et's) and the ricers hate it because it is a very capable four, but not with rice roots. this car runs high 13's in the qm with over 20 MPG stock, and thats something neither buttrockers or ricers hardly ever accomplish. Oh yea... this car is only 20k
hey kids, load up. were going to pick up some grocery's then go smoke some neighborhood stangs in the srt-4!
by chadsicle February 05, 2005
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A turbo'd sports package of the car known as the "Dodge Neon", many people rant about this car using "tests" done by Car & Driver magazine, and use it as a crutch to support their shitty car.
John: "...But the Integra Type-R could easily destroy the SRT-4 at the track."
by Initial Daniel May 03, 2005
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A Great example of turning lemons into lemonade. it was based off a neon, but can blow away a mustang bullit at a 45 roll. oh yeah, it does 13.6 STOCK
~SWISH~ srt4 driver-what was that?
passenger-i think it was the sound of all those d-bags that dissed your car getting passed at 156 mph
by Pat McLaughlin August 26, 2007
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A car that has aptly been dubbed the fastest production car available under $20k. To those who don't understand, it can whip cars that cost $5,000-$10,000 more with more cylinders.

Most haters will tell you that it is just a Neon and that the owners think their car will beat any other car on the road in reverse. Well, the SRT4 is built from the Neon platform. Park two of them side-by-side and the similarities are glaring. That is where the resemblance ends. The Neon SRT4 cannot beat every car on the road.

Most haters hate because the just got toasted on the track/street by one and drove home angry to type their jealous hate-filled rants on webpages like anyone cares what they think. Then they feel better about themselves and go off to their Honda/Acura club meetings talking about how much they hate SRT4's.
Then there are the haters who drive cars like the 2009 Mustang GT500's and say that the SRT4 doesn't stand a chance against a real car. Well...... I guess not. You just spent $45k on a supercharged V8. The SRT4 wasn't designed to compete with cars with that much power.

Why is it that I can't drive down the street without some kid in a Honda Civic or Acura whatever driving up beside me revving up their weedeaters? Take your car back home and put on more stickers. Maybe if you add three more you can beat my moped. It has 10 horsepower too! And its not just Honda's and Acura's. I'm not just picking on them so all the 15 year olds can relax. Its Nissan 350Zs, Mazda RX8s, Evos, Cobalts (I don't care how many letters and numbers you put behind it, it's still slow), Celicas, etc.

To sum it all up, we don't think we can beat any car on the road. We think we can beat the cars that we can beat. If you drive one of those, I'm sorry. If you spent more than $20k on your car thinking if you pay more it will be faster, I'm sorry. If you think they aren't reliable because your friend who owns one tried to boost the psi to 150 and blew the engine apart, you're friend is a moron. I run 21psi on stock internals with 85k miles and the only major problem I've had is a burnt clutch. These cars are very reliable and can be easily upgraded with bolt-ons to increase horsepower.

Its funny how people run and hide when confronted with facts.
I just paid $100,000 for my car and I beat a Dodge SRT4!!!

I drive a ricer that I paid $200 for that has stickers all over it and got smoked by a Dodge SRT4 with a 10 car headstart. I'm going home to talk about how much Dodge SRT4's suck and wish that I had one.

I hate SRT4's because....I don't really have a reason thats valid so they just suck.
by Yellow Skittle June 13, 2008
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slang. recently became the official replacement for "polish a turd" in the ever popular phrase "you can't polish a turd".

while you still can't srt-4 a turd, many think that by paying the hourly goons at ye olde dodge factory to glue a turbo-charger to a silly dodge neon engine it will in fact create a glossy finish on a piece of feces. the car is intended for bedwetters and dog dick rubbers who can't afford a real car like a honda s2000, bmw m-series or acura tl type-s or aren't smart enough to properly affix a turbo-charger to a car that isn't already named "neon". the srt-4 phenomenon is basically the same as the 1980's dodge goons putting a faux-leather, glue on top(attempting to look like a convertible) to a dodge aries k-car and calling it a chrysler lebaron. again, this car was very popular with the recently gay but familiar with broke crowd.
"wowie zowie leroy, that white girl you are courting is one seriously ugly girl."

"don't sweat is mister anderson, my sistah works at glamour shots and this saturday we gonna srt-4 her up."

"gee leroy, that's swell. </vomits>"
by stu in the zoo January 19, 2007
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