Fastest FWD production car in North and South America.
Dodge gave their SRT devision the Neon and said, "We want to beat the Mustang GT in this," and thus the SRT-4 was born.
The car was under-rated from factory at 230bhp and 270w-tq, but most people who dyno them get somewhere around the 235-240bhp and 280b-tq mark. Car is very cheap and easy to make even faster. Buy a $400 plug-and-play handheld tuner and a $100 air-fuel gauge and you can bring the boost up from 13-14psi to 20-23psi. Add a bigger fuel pump, bigger injectors if you really want and you can turn the boost up to 24-26psi. At that amount of boost you are making somewhere around the 300+bhp mark with 350+ish w-tq. With that you will run low 13 to high 12 quarter miles.

95% of the slander it gets is because of people with modded civics and muscle cars that can't stand being beaten.

Remember its only a neon until you get beaten by it, then its an SRT-4.
Sitting at a light, minding my own business. Douchebag in a Mustang GT pulls up next to me, turns to my car and laughs. Proceeds to rev engine. On green light I step on it and destroy him, leaving the most dumbfounded look on his face. He pulls up next to me at the next light and goes, "damn, thats a fast SRT-4."
by NameRater October 23, 2013
A car that has aptly been dubbed the fastest production car available under $20k. To those who don't understand, it can whip cars that cost $5,000-$10,000 more with more cylinders.

Most haters will tell you that it is just a Neon and that the owners think their car will beat any other car on the road in reverse. Well, the SRT4 is built from the Neon platform. Park two of them side-by-side and the similarities are glaring. That is where the resemblance ends. The Neon SRT4 cannot beat every car on the road.

Most haters hate because the just got toasted on the track/street by one and drove home angry to type their jealous hate-filled rants on webpages like anyone cares what they think. Then they feel better about themselves and go off to their Honda/Acura club meetings talking about how much they hate SRT4's.
Then there are the haters who drive cars like the 2009 Mustang GT500's and say that the SRT4 doesn't stand a chance against a real car. Well...... I guess not. You just spent $45k on a supercharged V8. The SRT4 wasn't designed to compete with cars with that much power.

Why is it that I can't drive down the street without some kid in a Honda Civic or Acura whatever driving up beside me revving up their weedeaters? Take your car back home and put on more stickers. Maybe if you add three more you can beat my moped. It has 10 horsepower too! And its not just Honda's and Acura's. I'm not just picking on them so all the 15 year olds can relax. Its Nissan 350Zs, Mazda RX8s, Evos, Cobalts (I don't care how many letters and numbers you put behind it, it's still slow), Celicas, etc.

To sum it all up, we don't think we can beat any car on the road. We think we can beat the cars that we can beat. If you drive one of those, I'm sorry. If you spent more than $20k on your car thinking if you pay more it will be faster, I'm sorry. If you think they aren't reliable because your friend who owns one tried to boost the psi to 150 and blew the engine apart, you're friend is a moron. I run 21psi on stock internals with 85k miles and the only major problem I've had is a burnt clutch. These cars are very reliable and can be easily upgraded with bolt-ons to increase horsepower.

Its funny how people run and hide when confronted with facts.
I just paid $100,000 for my car and I beat a Dodge SRT4!!!

I drive a ricer that I paid $200 for that has stickers all over it and got smoked by a Dodge SRT4 with a 10 car headstart. I'm going home to talk about how much Dodge SRT4's suck and wish that I had one.

I hate SRT4's because....I don't really have a reason thats valid so they just suck.
by Yellow Skittle June 13, 2008
Fastest car you can buy for under $22,000. 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, does the 1/4 mile in high 13's. Simply an amazing car and loved by car reviewers world wide for it's smoking performance and low price.
1.)Yeah, Johnny Dickweed spent $35,000 on that 350Z and got smoked by Dustin in his bone stock SRT-4 at the track.

2.)Yo did you see that SRT-4 smoke those riced out Civics? He didn't even have any mods doen and ran a 13.8 at the track!!!
by Big D March 20, 2005
a 2.4L turbocharged four cylinder fourdoor neon that smokes the average V8 buttrocker mobile and most rice burners. buttrockers hate it because it doesn't have a big V8, (nevermind the faster 1/4 mile et's) and the ricers hate it because it is a very capable four, but not with rice roots. this car runs high 13's in the qm with over 20 MPG stock, and thats something neither buttrockers or ricers hardly ever accomplish. Oh yea... this car is only 20k
hey kids, load up. were going to pick up some grocery's then go smoke some neighborhood stangs in the srt-4!
by chadsicle February 05, 2005
Essentially a Dodge Neon with a turbocharger bolted onto a 2.4L inline 4. Although quite quick, this trim is harassed due to the fact it is built on a Neon. Adding a large spoiler and factory body kit, muffler-less exhaust, turbo and lack of interior sound deadening makes this car both quite fast and quite absurd. This car's owners are absolutely positive it is an SRT-4, and not a Neon, even though it's plagued with many of the shitty Neon traits like rough ride (made even more rough by stiffer suspension), noisy interior, boring sounding engine and poor build quality. Either way you look at it, it's NOT an SRT-4, it's a Neon.
Owner: My SRT-4 is fast. I can pull a 13.8 second 1/4 mile.
Bystander: But it's still a Neon.
Owner: No, it's an SRT-4.
Bystander: {Shakes head}
by GP Driver July 06, 2008
A dodge neon that came with a turbocharger from the factory. Many SRT-4 owners will contest that their car is NOT a neon, that it is only an SRT-4, since driving a neon has somewhat of a "gay" vibe. And guys who drive srt-4's can't possibly be gay... because it has a turbo.

The srt-4, also known as a skittle because of it's shape resemblence as well as the bright colors it comes in, is an incredibly overrated piece of junk. It can't launch hard, it doesn't make as much power as it advertised, it gets no traction, it can't turn, and it can't stop. Also known for blowing the engine into a lot of small pieces when boost is increased.

The typical srt-4 owner is very similar to that of a ricer, with unnecessary revving and trying to race anything on the road, then making excuses when they lose.
Skittle Driver: "My srt-4 is teh ballz. It will run all over your (insert any type of car).
Other Guy: "Not it won't, and even if it did, it's still a neon."
Skittle: "IT'S NOT A NEON! IT IS AN SRT-4!!!!"
Guy: "Right, and my Z28 isn't a Camaro, it's just a Z28."

SRT-4 Owner: "I like revving at minivans and surprise buttsecks."
by TehJim January 18, 2008
Dodge Neon aka rental car
Hey grandpa why must we always get a srt-4 when your car breaks down. Can't we get a Subaru WRX rental instead? No my boy. The car rental place only has Neons.
by Jesse Jones June 23, 2005

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