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A Mexican made piece of sh*t with a mitsubishi turbo (peon pos-4). Only kids or people with no knowledge of sports cars buy it. It also sounds worse than a civic with a fart can exhaust =P
I drive a neon srt-4 therefore I am emo.
by togaf January 23, 2007
A pathetic, hideous, and vile excuse for a performance automobile. Dodge is so lame that they have to turbocharge the sh*t out of a 2.4 to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 230 horse. Regardless of Chrysler's inherent and incurable shortcomings, the SRT-4 is the fastest production FWD in the world. That said, this doesn't mean that anybody has to like it.
"Wow. Did you see that Dodge Neon SRT-4 trying to do doughnuts in the school parking lot last night!? Doesn't the idiot driving it know it's FWD!? What an ass clown!"
by American Jesus June 10, 2006
A pathetic excuse for a compact sports-car. Dodge needs to stick with pulling power out of large gas guzzling engines, they'll have better luck. My stock 1991 Thunderbird SC leaves these childrens toys at the starting line.
Wow! That SRT-4 really smoked that geo metro!! Too bad it couldnt beat the cavalier...
by Supercharged_91 August 04, 2006
The biggest ricer mobile ever. Everyone who has one thinks they're amazing, however in essence it is still a neon. It gets smoked by Chevy SS Colbalts. Run HIGH 13's in the quarter mile....a car meant for economie and to go slow converted to a "super race machine"..not.
SRT-4 Owner: DUDE! I just did 13.99 in the quarter!

Neon Owner: Sweet!!! I just did 14.00!! NIce time! ANd you only spent $5 000 more then me!

Mustang Owner: *Does a massive burnout and laughs at ricers. WHile doing 11.7 with a completly stock 'stang + supercharger.*
by S281 February 11, 2006
A little baby 4-banger neon that is a ricer only an american.

If chadsicle thinks that then he is an idiot.

My LS1 camaro will rape the shit out of teh lil 4 banger and then some w/ out even trying. OMG LESS THAN 250HP SO FAST AHHHH!! Then they mod them so much that the car ends up costing 30grand just to keep up w/ my lightly modded ls1, but still dont keep up. Other than the lack of power, they really arent that light either. about 2600 lbs. A lot of times theyre kids whose parents buy them for them because they want a "fast" car but theyre parents know they dont have the balls to handle a real fast car w/ a v8 rather than a lil rice crispy.

I would love to get my hands around chadsicle's neck and other stupid fags that have no clue what they are talkiing about. Come to St. Louis, race me.
srt4: Im gunna go own the mustangs and camaros in my 4 banger
LS1er: No your not fag.
by ls1z0r January 27, 2006
the SRT-4 is not better or worse, just different from other cars.
Most of the trash talkers are just jealous of what others have... Get a life and find something better to do than trash talk other peoples cars, in this case the Dodge SRT-4. Think before you speak and research before you write. Otherwise everyone else will know just how dumb you really are.
by Anonomous Person June 23, 2007
a NEON. somethig that ricers buy to fill the gap between rice and domestic. What they dont understand is they are driving a neon! That is horrific.
ricer: dude that srt4 is mega sic yo!
normal person: that neon? It is missing a few cylinders don't ya think!
by Travis May 26, 2004