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backing up into someones yard with your car, and proceeding to "peel out" leaving deep tire tracks across their lawn.
check out all this grass that's under my fender from lawn jobbing that assholes yard last night.
by chadsicle January 22, 2005
a 2.4L turbocharged four cylinder fourdoor neon that smokes the average V8 buttrocker mobile and most rice burners. buttrockers hate it because it doesn't have a big V8, (nevermind the faster 1/4 mile et's) and the ricers hate it because it is a very capable four, but not with rice roots. this car runs high 13's in the qm with over 20 MPG stock, and thats something neither buttrockers or ricers hardly ever accomplish. Oh yea... this car is only 20k
hey kids, load up. were going to pick up some grocery's then go smoke some neighborhood stangs in the srt-4!
by chadsicle February 05, 2005
when you put frozen shit on a stick and dip it in fudge then give it to an unexpecting victim.
Dude: Hey baby! Want a fudgesicle?

Girl: Sure.. Mmmm this is good.....What the fuck?? This tastes like shit!!! This is SHIT!!!!! You Bastard

Dude: Yea, don't call me any more. Get the fuck out!!!
by chadsicle January 28, 2005
1. Raise your rev's high enough to do a burn out. (Depends on application)

2. Find the best rate to let out your clutch while allowing just a little bit of wheel spin as you slowly apply throttle. (about 17% wheel spin)

3. Floor accelerator as you approach full clutch engagement.

4. Watch you're rpm's as you gain traction so you don't bounce off the rev limiter.

P.S. Wide-open throttle shift into second at about 750 rpm below redline.
Dude thats fucked up. My girlfriend can launch my srt-4 better than you can launch your Evo. Learn to drive.
by chadsicle September 03, 2005
a comforter covered in nut stains. evolved from CUMforter.
dude this nutforter has had the weenie.
by chadsicle January 22, 2005
large 70's style afro around someone's puss/cock.
dude, that bitches muffro was so big, I stabbed her fucking hair pick with my dick
by chadsicle January 22, 2005
An obese person who is constantly eating.
Dude, check out that hogstrapper going to town at the buffet.
by chadsicle January 22, 2005

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