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a short way of saying mosquitos
The 'squitos tonight were Bad!
by Starchylde July 14, 2015
A colloquialism of the word "mosquito". An alternative to "mossie/mozzie" which is also used in reference to mosquitos.

Pronounced skweeto.
Example 1: Looks like the squitos are out for a drink, Bill.

Example 2: Just squashed at least a dozen squitos!
by milygrae January 11, 2011
the focus of any chillin session. (noun)usually referring to certain aspects of gangsta ambiance most likely the weed being rolled into the blunt or the bread being broken.
ChronicTheHedgehog: "Where you at?"

Cal Piffkin Jr: "Had to stop and grab that squito."

PeterBagODonuts: Arthur Ave, break bread.

VincentLaguardiaGambini: squito for everybody.
by gerkgrundle June 13, 2010

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