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the general environment under some conditional control to be seen and felt as comfortable.
When me and Britanny met I had the ambiance already set up for a cool event.
by Sun Rhythms October 13, 2004
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The aura of a fart. The surrounding feel and mood created by a fart.
person1: (farts)
person2: oh dear god
person1: bask in the ambiance my friend
by magnif May 12, 2008
the eternal glow of hapiness and joy of all that is cool, most commonly concentrated in lanape 202
it adds to the ambiance; come see my ambiance; can you feel the ambiance?
by pimp master101 October 14, 2007
The atmosphere or experience of a certain situation.
Marc: I'm not here to smoke, I'm just here for the ambiance.

"I guess you know, I'm giving out tickets to my gun show, talkin' about ambiance, ambiance, ambiance, talkin' about ambiance, ambiance!"
by Mike P... June 21, 2006

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