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1. referring to a sudden distraction (an A.D.D. lapse in time) mid thought, while another is talking, or when trying to accomplish any task.

(definition is in reference to the movie Up when the evil dogs would stop mid sentence thinking they saw a squirrel)
Example 1: "Stop squirreling on me bro."

Example 2: "Quit squirreling on me every 2 seconds, I'm trying to give you directions."

NOTE: there was a lot of squirreling while trying to define this word.
by mfucci September 07, 2012
To go out looking for your nut, and getting your nut from a female preferably.
Last night me and Tom went squirreling but couldn't find any females.
by Philippes April 03, 2011
When two straight men take their pants off and tickle each-others nuts and the first one to get wood loses.
"I am the squirreling Champion!" - Jeremiah

"Wes and Jeremiah, stop squirreling! It's really not cool."
by bbcarolan May 14, 2012
When during the act of sexual intercourse, the man places his testicles into the woman's anus, thus "squirreling" his nuts away for the winter.
"Oh man, I was totally squirreling your mom last night!"
by Nut T. Squirrel September 19, 2007
The act of putting your hands out in-front of you like a squirrel and making a puppy dog face
"Hey, stop squirreling! It'll be okay!"
by COOKIESQUIRREL November 08, 2014
The act of cramming your dick so far into a female that your nuts stay warm for the winter.
Dude, I heard that guy was squirreling so hard last night that he cracked a nut.
by Thebushyc May 06, 2015
The act of attempting to fit as many nuts (testicles) in your mouth as possible during a gang bang.
This girl was squirreling us when I came.
by Gizmoda October 10, 2014
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