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To have a squirrel for a hand
Some people are squirrel handed. Gregor is a weird name.
by The Bob!!! September 20, 2003
Having a squirrel for a hand. A rare condition, first discovered in one of Strongbad's emails.
Gregor is a weird name.
by omg! September 19, 2003
To have a squirrel protruding from one's arm, in the place where one's hand generally resides.
Some people are squirrel-handed. Gregor is a weird name.
Everyone is different. No two people are not on fire.
by Fugerko.? December 30, 2003
when one has a squirrel instead of a left hand
(see Kid's book-SBemail- Homestarrunner)
Gregor is a weird name
by *tweak* September 19, 2003
Someone who compulsively scales trees when surprised.

Some people are about to be run over, Frankie has about 5 seconds

Some people wear glasses, Beth looks
like a dude

Some people have rigged the enemy base with explosives, Albert has

Some people are being fangouriously devoured by a gelatinous monster, Hillary's legs are being digested
Ahhhh! I am surprised, I had better scale a tree.
by Big Mac January 20, 2005
the act of sitting around holding your nuts
I was sitting there squirrel handed watching TV.
by Nick Pawloski September 19, 2003
to put your hand on a womans pussy
its what happens a when a date goes really well
friend: how was your date last night
you: i got squirrel handed
by gimme lovin September 20, 2003
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