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A name for a male who is good looking, strong and great in bed.
That was great last night, you're such a gregor.
by Gregor. January 19, 2008
A Gregor is a rather interesting creature indeed, regarded my many as a freak, sneek, geek and indeed severel other 'eek' words. The gregor is actualy intelligent and very occasionaly misunderstood. He is a quick learner and observant, he also has a very nasty habit of sneaking up on people. Be warned, Gregors usualy have misconceptions regarding their person and hence re rather is also extremely easy to hate a Gregor as he is a complete bastard who enjoys ripping the shit out of fellow human beings.
On no account must the neck be touched or the name mispronounced.
oh shit, theres gregor, run
by dont steal my words January 22, 2008
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