a derogative name for chinese and japanese, usually used in anger in traffic or discussion
"get off the road u fuckin squint"
"fuck you squint go home"
by dogeatdog April 10, 2005
Another word to describe what your anus looks like: An eye squinting.
That ginger haired guy must have a ginger squint.
Show us your squint.
by hamlae September 16, 2009
A derogatory term for Orientals. They look like they're always squinting. Possible reasons for evolutionary development include squinting to see they're tiny penises and breasts. And when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, they were flying eastward into the sun, so their eyes directly contributed to the deaths of 1400 Americans.
Anthony (Oriental): Shut your Shylock-ass mouth.

Kevin (Caucasian): Shut up, squint!
by SpicyKB September 08, 2008
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