To Masterbate

Can be used as an insult.
Harry:"yo Tom just checked out your sisters facebook pics, might have a squint"

Tom:"Thats foul, watch some porn or something"

Harry:"Mate too late, i just squinted everywhere!"

Matt:" Piss of you faggot"

Jacko:" I didn't do anything, whats wrong?"

Matt:" sorry im just really stressed"

Jacko: "Have a squint"

Davey:"your hair looks shit"

Alex: "fuck of you little squint"
by Harrykent Jackdogga May 24, 2012
Where by a pair of swimming goggles is generously filled with the love juice of a man or woman and then worn by either the last to contribute or the fluffer/sex slave. Unisex and can be enjoyed by a couple, in a group or on ones lonesome.
Are you joining us later for a spot of Squints?
by Lord Mingus July 31, 2010
A slang term for Group of Asians.
Did you see that tour bus full of squints at the beach today? Fuck they annoy me!
by Strike.Alight June 24, 2009
An upset stomach that may or may not lead to diarrhea or vomiting.
I sure have the squints after eating that giant bowl of chili.
by Sir Desmond Ginger Fur February 13, 2009
Used to describe something that is not level, or not parallel in relation to another straight line. Crooked.
You're picture of the queen getting a wedgie is totally squint!
by oddwriter September 13, 2005
A drinking game that involves sticking coins (quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies) in the crack of your butt. The object of the game is to walk 10 - 100 feet to shot glass without releasing the coin(s) from your ass, and then deposit the coin(s) in the glass without using your hands.
Every Thanksgiving my family gets plastered and holds a drinking game triathalon. The final and most challenging event is squint
The level one is at after getting lank fucked, usually off booze and bong, and is struggling to keep his eyes from squinting.
"Fuck bru, last night we got so fucked and after that joint I was squinting so hard. But you were also lank squint bru.
by Rob Michaels May 07, 2006

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