Pretty much the opposite of the marijuana-smoking sense of the word chief.
Doris: Hey wanna chief?
Gertrude: It's ok, I'm gonna squidge.

Later that evening:
Abby: Hey wanna chief later?
Gertrude: It's ok, I'm squidging.
by Chadisrad January 05, 2009
when a person inconceivably laughs, giggles, squeals and grins all at the same time because of something incredibly funny or cute.

what was that laughing noise?

i just squidged.
by Sebastien Tremblay Johnston December 05, 2007
Any vaginal secretion
Someone left a towel in my bathroom covered in squidge, which I then violently rubbed on my face.
by Bloodysock June 29, 2009
To shuffle up the bum of a brontosaurus.
Man, I really got my nuts off during my squidge night at the museum.

Fuck, I need to squidge before my head explodes.
by MuseumCurator9000 November 25, 2009
n. a fishing term used to describe various types of filamentous algae that grow in the water. Filamentous algae is basically green, wet, and very slimey, sometimes it is mistakenly reffered to as "moss" which really only grows on trees.
I went fishing today and the squidge was terrible, I couldn't keep the squidge off the lures I was throwing.
by Steve Brinkerhoff April 04, 2008
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