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Hate to bust your little gangsta hearts (or whatever kind of hearts you have) but squeg is a pre-existing word.

–verb (used without object), squegged, squeg·ging.
(of an electronic circuit or component) to produce an output that oscillates between a certain maximum and zero, especially when due to the effect of a grid.

1940–45; blend of squeeze and peg

Note: “Squeg” is not to be confused with “squegg” which means to either be disinterested in gender or to try to freak someone out.
Squegging is what a volume meter does when a singer bumps into the microphone.
Waves squeg when someone drops a body in the ocean. Pencils get all squeggy when you do the old “rubber pencil” trick.

I squeg back and forth when I drink brandy and walk on ice.
by DeliriumT March 12, 2011
Another word for shit.
Make you wanna squegs.
i need to squegs right now!
This squegs is cold!
by ashidegukskuk June 30, 2012
a guy with a really squared off head
see tht innes man hes a squeg!
by im a gypsy October 26, 2005
The word `squeg` was invented by me...yes im great!! it means a person who turns into a vegatable...who smells...and for sexual pleasure
joe smelly kelly!!!!
by ben doyle February 18, 2005
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