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1. A squege(r) is a device found in many physical science class rooms that can be filled with water (Or any other liquid) for use as squirting device.

2. To squege someone is the action of squirting someone with a liquid through the squege(r) or through any other squirting device.

3. The liquid, Squege, is generally ejackulatory fluids but, in some cases, it can be any gross fluid.
1. "Can I borrow your squeger?"

2. "I just squeged Shimmy!"

3. "Ewww...There's squege all over your carpet."
by Chrzam October 26, 2004
semen substance or can also be used in other ways like shiting or pissing.
I gotta go take a squeege
by barry carmicheal September 06, 2003