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to relive one self by urinating. Fluid colours may be the same as a lemmon being squeezed.
be rigt back, have to go squeeze the lemon and lay a cable.
by John-do September 22, 2006
To press along the shaft of the dick in order to get out the last few drops of piss or cum.
I like to make sure I've gotten the last drops of piss outta my dick, so I squeeze the lemon before I go away from the urinal.
by pentozali April 11, 2009
The art of accelerating through a yellow light in the hopes of making the light. This practice often results in getting pinched by red light cams and horrific wrecks.
Hey Jeff, I squeeze the lemon at the I29 and Benson intersection whenever possible cuz that light takes fo eva.
by Thanus July 23, 2008