a high pitched laugh.
"did u hear her laugh?"
"she didnt laugh, she squeaked"
by misslovedrunk January 06, 2012
Sexual intercourse;balling;derived from
the sound matresses make during sex.
I scored some massive squeak from
that redhead last night.
by The Bald Monk October 17, 2003
Squeak - A GUY on Battle.net who is the shining example, and perhaps the only example of the phrase: A big pile of lame

Perhaps he needs to stop pretending to be a girl and stop joining 30 clans and stop laming Bnet up k? Thx
Tequila I hate you Squeak, you suck in life, I hope you die a horrible death
Squeak @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
by Tequila March 02, 2005
From the second-hand motor traders of North London:
a) Someone who is extremely tight with their money. Person in question is so tight they squeak.
a) That fucking SQUEAK never buys a round...
by Mr Potato May 05, 2004
coolest and best latemodel driver ever in central pa
man did u see squeak racing last night he was fast!!!!
by dirtracin19 October 19, 2008
phone call from one person to another
A'right man ill give ya a squeak later!
by josh henry July 24, 2006
ghey fag who makes stupid sounds
DOH, you're such a squeak. STFU
by anon April 17, 2005

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