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sneakers, shoes
Derived from the noise basketball shoes make on the court
I'm gonna school you homie! I gots new squeaks!
by squipple February 11, 2003
When a man ejaculates on the door handle of a shower in a caravan park and then proceeds to get the shakes
Hayden just squeaked the shit out of that door handle
by man_goo July 18, 2010
A title given to that really annoying, pretentious person in a group of friends who everyone looks down on.
The title Squeak can stay with one person forever or change hands when called for.
Stuart: How was your trip to Cologne this weekend you guys?
Gav: It was great, apart from when Sean started acting the Squeak and went home early.
by Adam Milly October 17, 2007
noun. To affectionately pinch someone softly. (taken from squeaking a dog's toy in a playful way)
I hadn't seen my niece in a year.. when I came home she ran up to me and gave me a hug and squeaked me.
by Norraa April 15, 2006
The motherfucking man, resides right outside of good old Kennett Square, PA. Has a sexy female roommate and puffs the best 'dro you know. Loves rap, cars and girls, nice girls not smuts.
That cat's as cool as Squeak.
by The Unknown Pimp March 24, 2005
A sexy monkey who knows how to use a computer that also will be the first creature to grace the surface and survive on Mars . . .hopefully.
Squeaks is my role-model. Mi Heng is sexually attracted to him.
by Squeaks December 14, 2003
a midgete
go get the ball squeak
by josh March 24, 2003