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Entering wild lands in search of evidence for the Sasquatch, The legendary bigfoot, a large bipedal primate sighted in many parts of the USA.
Let's go squatching.
#bigfooting #sasquatching #squatting #crypto hunting #expedition
by Frank Vincent Lauria December 11, 2008
The act of taking a photgraph of an unexpecting person fairly far away so as to give the appearance/idea of the famous Big Foot photo.
I was squatching that kid, he looked so unexpecting in the photo.
#squatched #sassquatching #squatch #squatcher #big footed
by Marty2694 May 29, 2012
The act of getting stoned while in the woods and then playing Hot Lava on fallen tree's.
" I cant wait for recess today so we can go squatching at the state park".

Steve totally ate it and broke his phone while we were squatching Tuesday.

"Evan went big today while we were squatching and totaly jacked his knee."
#squatch #squatching #bigfoot #samsquanch #stoned
by Squatchers annoymus March 27, 2013
A cross between squeezing and scratching. A squeeze that involves the fingernails in a scratching action.
Stop squatching my arm - it hurts!
#squeeze #scratch #scratching #massage #squeezing
by Susnaf December 16, 2007
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