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a lame ass bitch who is at a party either throwing up or is done drinking at midnight
man look at these fucking squanks throwing up and trying to sleep its only 1 in the morning
by Dirty Takeover July 18, 2008
a chubby little baby, dribbling from the mouth
awww look at the lil squank!
by gineyMC February 02, 2007
to break, fuck up, or manifest Murphy's Law at any time/
3 AM....nerdly white dude gets a flat right in the ghetto. His whole thing got squanked at that moment.
by delBeafus Montgomery October 30, 2003
A contagious sexually transmitted disease that mirrors the effects of syphilis, AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes--at the same time.
Damn! You just got the squank from that skanky hoe.
by AD the MS1 December 12, 2006
so basically its the superlative of skank... as in the same way u say, fast, faster, fastest, u say damn ugly, skank and squank.
Look at the SQUANKy gurl man.
by pukstar June 16, 2004
to fornicate and or masturbate
I squanked that bitch till morning
by Giant Cockasaurus August 09, 2003
the act of farting,to fart
"That squank really stinks"
by donk026 October 24, 2004