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1.(n.)An unseen energy or force said to be the basis of all music creativity. From pre-macedonian lore related to those that are deeply driven by musical ambition.
It must be the squank that drives those musicians to play with so much heart and passion.
#music #creativity #force #energy #squanky #squonk
by MarkFive September 04, 2006
The aroma left in the air after a long, steamy night of churning love milk into lust butter until it develops into a foaming stew of forbidden gravy!
Me, my girlfriend & her bff sure did kick up an awesome squank in the club last night!
#stank #rank #squaler #sandpaper #arid #lacking odor or personality
by E. C. DeCow August 27, 2012
sound emitted from a guitar when striking the string with the pick at a slight angle: as opposed to striking with the pick aligned parallel to the string. Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top uses this technique a lot. Two good samples of this are the songs Lagrange and Squank.
"pullin' out some good squank there b. Sounds good brah"
#sqwank #tone #gibbons #pick tricks #guitar techniques
by motorpro October 28, 2006
a very odd, strange or queer skank. usually a weird ass nerdy chick that homie hops in nerd circles.
Dude theres only 1 girl at this Magic Tournament, she's probably a squank.
#queer #skank #nerdy_hoe #geek_ slut #skwank
by Squanky Skwank February 24, 2012
to shoot someone with a squirt gun
shut up, before i SQUANK YOU!
#squank #squirt gun #shank #water gun #trick
by The Kabbalah Krew May 22, 2008
it means what u want it 2 mean
u wanna squank, thats squanking,
by bobby April 27, 2004
a girl who is a squid and a skank at the same time.
org.evergreen trailer park
hey bucks check out that dirty ass squank over there
#squank #skuank #scunk #poop #whore
by derekm420 March 07, 2008
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