the climax or peak of a guy bustin a nut
ahhhh open your mouth ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
im squallin
by jamie motherfuckin prewitt October 02, 2007
a pain in one's ass
Ur a squall... U know what a squall is.. A PAIN IN MY ASS!
by Mrs. Steal Your Girl December 14, 2010
The accumulation of genital and butt sweat in the taint area.
It was so dam hot I formed a squall. I worked so hard I squall'd.
by Ruby-steve July 17, 2010
In Super Smash Brothers Brawl...

The forward B that the Ice Climbers use (The Spinning Hammer Attack) is called a squall, or squalling...
You can repeatedly press forward B or (Squall) to recover.
by Firestormzero0 February 16, 2009
A loud, harsh cry.
by KinCryos August 20, 2003
a term hillbillies use to define any sound a vehicle makes when it isn't working properly
That fan belt is starting to squall.
by Bob Boodlegee June 15, 2003
to give oral sex, or blow
That chick totally squalled me
by g0osey February 18, 2008

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