A very introverted FF8 character who everyone hates except for me but I don't actually know why.
Fujin: "..."
(Squall: "Hey! that's my line!")
by Koaster Kid (at NEdesigns.com) January 24, 2004
A usually past passing storm with lots of rain, thunder, lightning and wind. During the winter, there can also be snow squalls.
A squall line is moving across New York, causing power outages across the state.
by weatherman January 16, 2004
His 'Whatever' remarks just made him even sexier!!And look,he's got a SCAR!Waiiiii!!
Squall:Tidus?Who the hell is he?Whatever.
by horseyrain January 08, 2005
A Cigarette, singular to squalls
Squall? (cigarette?), I only got one squall left, I was just outside bangin a squall,
by Duss February 09, 2010
The coolest guy eva, from final fantasy 8, every1 h8s him cos he's the best n they're all jealous. He's not cold-hearted like people say, but he dusn't like sharing his problems, he's a lone wolf, he takes life on on without help, He's the greatest ne1 who disses him, ur obviously that sad that u fancy rinoa.
by CrAzYdUdE July 15, 2003
To smoke a large quantity of cigarettes in a short period of time.
Sabrina: What are you doing afterschool?
Hannah: I dont know
Sabrina: Wanna squall in the Taco Bell parking lot?
Hannah: Fuck yes!
by Sablyfe November 25, 2013
To deny getting it in with a girl who's pretty much throwing herself at you and not doing it subtly.
Quistis totally wanted to do me! But I Squalled her good!
by themelodythatfits August 26, 2011

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