1.When you refer to a guy having no balls.
2.Probably the worst protagonist in Final Fantasy history, alongside Vaan.
1.For christ sake, Squall, just bang her already!
2.Gamer 1: Who's that crying in the corner of the screen?
Gamer 2: Oh, that's just Squall, he's a crybaby.
Gamer 1: Yeah, this game sucks.
Gamer 2: Don't you have Final Fantasy Anthology, 7,9, and 12
Gamer 1: Hell yeah, those games were waaayyy better than

by FF Fan December 14, 2008
To have a cigarette,
Squalls? , ............ Im gonna have a squall, you wanna squall?
by Duss February 08, 2010
Squall is a member of DBJ.
Do you know Squall?
Yes, he is DBJ.
by DBJSQUALL February 17, 2005
to desire the erotic involvment of multiple male video game characters
Do you squall? I squall on a nightly basis.
by Wicked September 06, 2004
It is when you lightly tap a person on the shoulder,and if you're lucky you can knock the person out.
I will squall your sac.
by deerinheat September 27, 2006
A fat Indian woman with no teeth.
God damn squalls giving me gum jobs!
by #1 Stunna November 23, 2003
some fagit in that bunch of SpS misfits
squall really loves the cock
by Anonymous June 04, 2003

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