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Shorthand notation of "squirrel AIDS". Some serious shit!
"wtf, i'm not going to that miley cyrus concert...i'd rather have squaids!"
by xtinct2 January 03, 2010
A disease you get when you, all of a sudden, think it's okay to fuck some squirrels. Results-You fucked some squirrels.
You+Idea to bang Mr. or Ms. Squirrel=Squaids

Guy 1 "So, what did the doctor say?"

Guy 2 "Doctor said I contracted...Squaids..."

Guy 1 "...I'm sorry did you say squaids, or aids?"

Guy 2 "Squaids man,"

Guy 1 "That's what I thought you said..."

Guy 2 "Yeah..."

Guy 1 "......"

Guy 2 "..."

Guy 1 "So let me get this straight, you decided it was a good idea to fuck a squirrel all of a sudden, a squirrel bro,"

Guy 2 "Well,...she be lookin at my nuts and all"

Guy 1 "....Yeah, Good Luck with that."
by AwayWeGo April 14, 2010
An epidemical disease plaguing squirrels, rodents, and celebrities as we speak. Also known as Squirrel Aids
Squaids. It's some serious shit!
by jackaroo194 January 13, 2010
To have squirrel aids.
This word was off the youtube show Raywilliamjohnson.

Squirrel+aids= Squaids
by Tylerh1994 January 15, 2010
the worst form of AIDS on planet Earth contracted by sexual relations with squirrels. Squirrel AIDS = Squaids.
Man 1: "dude, she was so good in bed man!"
Man 2: "bro, I'm tellin ya, fuckin around with her you might get squaids"
by MarinePimpin2012 March 23, 2011
Squirrel AIDS, for anyone who's wondering at home.
I got trapped in a reactor shortly after my last raid
And got shot into a slum where I could have gotten SQUAIDS
by Cloud_Strife January 25, 2014
A fictional disease made popular by RWJ (RayWilliamJohnson) of YouTube.
You contract Squaids by having sexual intercourse with a squirrel.

The name is derived from "Sqirrel" and "AIDS".
The only known cure for Squaids is to "Do a mom". Preferrably not your own mom, because that would be wrong.
Guy 1: "So... I have Squaids."

Guy 2: "That's too bad man... You could borrow my mom if you want?"

Guy 1: "Dude, that would be great!"
by ToXXicTeRRor August 16, 2010

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