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To see someone or something without him/her seeing you.
I'm afraid to go too deep into the ocean--who knows what creatures are pulling a giant squid on me. It's been said that we haven't seen them, but they've definitely seen us.
#giant squid #visibility #seeing #scuba diving #deep sea #octopus
by momosexxxual April 12, 2009
1. the act by which a monstrously large and rather unfortunately nude person wearing a pointed dunce hat and a flag football belt continuously puts ink (of which the individual has an ample stipend) in his/her mouth and, with the consent of another decidedly kinky party, proceeds to spit the aforementioned ink onto the similarly naked body of the willing partner as a prerequisite to further imminent and equally debauched sexual depravity.

2. the massively colossal and scandalously bare individual who is executing the act known as the Giant Squid.
Peter: I got a Giant Squid from Sarah last night. Ink is a bitch to get off.
Harry: Yeah, I can see that fat bitch being a Giant Squid. You know, in spite of the insane amount of body hair on her.
#ink #flag football #dunce cap #sexual depravity #kinky
by BennyKennedy April 04, 2009
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