The act of forcing another person to have a pointless or unecisary conversation for an inapropriate amount of time. Usualy for the "squabers" entertainment.
Ya girl across the street saw me get out of my car and squabed me hella hard.
by matic1989 April 28, 2010
Top Definition
to fight - a pugnacious exchange - between hommies
say dawg you wanna squab
by h3l1x December 31, 2002
To fight, or scrap. Throw your fists at some fool.
Homie #1: Hey fool, you wanna scrap?

Homie #2: Yeah, I aint afraid to squab!
by Carl Johnson August 05, 2005
A 'Squab' or 'Squabbing' is the act of condescension toward the body part of another, usually the upper forearm.

It originated from the movements of the Bolivia Bug, this is then reciprocated upon the arm producing a sensation of great irritation and violation.

As a word, it is also an incredibly mild compliment, literally just tipping the balance in favor of compliment over insult.

Caution: Extended Squabbing can lead to nausea and in extreme cases, lack of masculinity.

Also note, pronounced skwubbed similar to squat.

Not to be confused with squab, or the young pigeon.
Person A: *Upon being squabbed* Stop Squabbing me, it feels so wrong!

"Squab you!"

"I feel Squabbish"
by MVortex December 01, 2011
When two or more physically express thier feelings of indifference.
Dude was known to squab after closing the neighborhood pub.
by Carlos Mack April 23, 2008
A 2 player game where you tap your thighs twice and then do one of three hand movements. These include

Load a gun: Where you point your hands up with them shaped like guns.

Fire a gun: When you point your hands at your opponent in the shape of a gun.

Shield: Put your hands to the opposite shoulder, as if your protecting yourself.

You can't fire a bullet if you didn't load one, and you win when you fire at the opponent and they were loading.
We were squabbing all the time down at Camp.

Let's squab.
by zuesapus August 11, 2009
An ugly chick. In reference to baby pigeons, which are quite hideous, but used in this case to refer to an unattractive female.
Bloke #1: "Man, did you see that squab?"

Bloke #2: "Yeah, bro, she looked busted."
by NickB November 15, 2007
The squid version of ATV riders usually found in the parking lot making adjustments to an imagined problem and not really riding their ATVs. Squabs are generally adorned in very flashy helmets, jerseys, and other ATV gear.
Those squabs would get more use out of their fuel if they spent more time actually riding and not just playing with their throttle.
by chick105 July 15, 2010
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