pronunced (Sp-oo-nt)

means everything and anything, howvere it cannot replace the subject of the sentence
We had the best spunt last night.

Spunt off!

Please pass the spunt!

I'm spunting man.

This cake is spuntalicious.
by snowchick2221 August 05, 2009
1. The past tense of spun both urban and formal. Implying a sense of disorientation due to stupidity or intoxication of any form.
2. The state of being confused or mentally disassociated from the norm. The state of ones mental ability or lack thereof.
3. To be ironic and/or humorous when implying that both yourself and the subject are mentally compromised.

Commonly used in conjunction with either adjective "correctly" or "incorrectly", but other synonyms are correct as well.
Only someone as incorrectly spunt as him could make such a rookie mistake.

After a long night out she was far too spunt incorrectly to work in the morning.

His tough break-up had clearly spunt him the wrong way.

My friend was finally spunt correctly after he had a good nights rest.

Whatever they gave him had spunt him very wrongly.

He merily declared his mate was clearly spunt incorrectly in the head after tripping over his own two feet.
by SpyguyScribe May 11, 2009
1. An absolutely crap child with no potential. Usually ginger.

2. Spunt can also refer to the act of giving birth to a spunt (spunting, spunted).
1. Claire, what even is the point in that kid of yours? Looks like he's got fucking ADHD. I don't know why you don't have the daft spunt put down.

2. Doctor: Come on love, push, PUSH- oh fucking hell, butterfingers... There we go, she's only gone and spunted the kid out on the floor.
by Bernard McGraw April 08, 2009
An algamation of the words 'Spastic' and 'Cunt'. Invented by Matt in Lopburi as to not offend Belle or Paolo (Who is ghey).
Matt: "I think I might shag your bird tonight pal."

Luke: "Fucking no you wont you little nong spunt."
by Da_dappa October 08, 2006
a very loose asshole
WOW!You have a huge spunt
by He Is Retro August 10, 2006
The past tense of "To Spend"; Spent.
I spunt last week's paycheck at bingo.
by Harry Malone April 21, 2006
the gob of semen in the corner of a mouth after giving oral sex.
Wipe that spunt off your face and pick up your cab fare on the dresser.
by Dark Angel March 07, 2004

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