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4 definitions by b3ta

if your mate does something to you you'll ask him why? or alternativly what gives?
person 1:i shagged your mum
person 2:why'd you have to do that? what gives?
by b3ta October 08, 2003
123 71
lazy good for nothing sponging of the government
see him, see that waster? he's a stoodent!
by b3ta October 08, 2003
3 6
A fictitious brand name. Contraction of "spamming cunt" or "cunt spunk".
Aahh.. cool, refreshing, cold canned Spunt!
by b3ta October 12, 2003
5 10
SPamming cUNT
john posted that earlier ffs what a spunt
by b3ta October 08, 2003
8 14