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(verb) to climax, to produce large amounts of sperm

(noun) sperm, semen
I spuffed in her eye

Would you like to drink a glass of my spuff?
by Mike October 01, 2003
Drug assisted sperm, sperm produced while under the influence of either cannabis,cocaine or ecstasy. Tends to be slightly warmer and more relieving than usual ejaculation.
Barry, don't squirt spuff on the furnishings.
by John Stevenson May 21, 2004
Spuff is another word for spunk. (semen)
I wasnt quite ready so I spuffed on her knickers.
by MicoPopenay March 17, 2007
The sound a Koala bear makes when it is pushed out of a tree
the koala spuffed when scum bag steve pushed it from a tree
by minecrafte god August 04, 2012
the highest level of awesome; nothing is more awesome than something that is 'spuff'
The beach on a hot summer day is spuff.
by Siram41 July 08, 2010
Onamatapoeic; the unexpected emission of gas from a freshly talcum-powdered plump baby's bottom
'Spuff!' went the baby.
by Shneaky August 26, 2005
Female equivalent of spunk
She spuffed all over my hand it was warm.
by Ed Goslin June 24, 2004

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