Slack Pussy Syndrome - when a pussy is like elephant ears
Guy 1:"My right foot got stuck in her pussy"
Guy 2:"That Bitch got a serious case of SPS"
by The Philosophe April 09, 2012
A ramp tramp, aka a Skate Park Slut. Slutty girls that hang out around skate parks for any reason other than riding a skateboard. SPS want to ride skaters rather than skateboards.
I can't shred ssbsts when those sps are here.

Why do sps always show up when I'm trying to skate?

That sps over there wants you to session under the ramp with her.

SPS are easy to spot. They are always at the skate park, but never skate.
by ThrasherKOTR October 20, 2011
Skinny pants syndrome.
Those pants were so tight, i feel like i have SPS!
by SPSexpert March 14, 2010
Smelly Pussy Syndrome
Man, what is that smell? It's that lady with SPS who just strolled by.

You may want me to make sweet love with you lady, but my cock aint going near you with that SPS.
by Hindsightman April 20, 2006
Anacronym for the term Small Penis Syndrome.
Why is Ira such a fucking asshole?
He probably has SPS!
by The nazi of Yatzee November 08, 2002
An acronym to describe what is known as small penis syndrome. Usually attained from some sort of uber owning administered via other male while in prescene of girlfriend.
While with his girlfriend, Jeff in his little gay honda ricer was immediately owned by another man in a bmw. Immediately after being owned in front of his woman, Jeff had a severe case of SPS.
by Leinhart October 26, 2009
SPS - Small Penis Syndrome. Suffers of SPS are prone to irrational outburst. The cause of these outbursts are random and ever changing, but the most widely reported cause is due to utter lack of perfection in the popular MMO World of Warcraft.
Why is Redcrown such a dick?

He must have SPS!!!!
by Redfanman October 17, 2009

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