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1.n. a device to tame a turtle
2. adj. to tame a turtle
He couldn't let the turtle think he was boss, so he got his turtle sprocket and disciplined him.
by govluv2011 November 26, 2011
10 7
An interesting Germanic television program hosted by the homosexual Dieter and his pet monkey. The show always ends in an homo-erotic dance complete with poncy Germans.
"Now it is the time on Sprockets when we dance!"-Dieter, host of Sprockets
by Optimus Pat October 16, 2004
41 1
some not of Caucasian descent.
"i saw a couple of sprockets at home depot today".
by phat12 October 05, 2009
22 14
anus; butt-hole
He tried to put his dick in my sprocket.
by Matt December 03, 2003
35 28
Nigger, jax, darkie. . .
Damn sprocket stole my bike!
by kroegerkiller June 10, 2010
16 15
Nature items, such as rocks, bones, driftwood etc. collected while exploring a natural environment.
We came home from our camping trip last weekend with backpack full of sprockets.
by Thundering Dragon June 20, 2011
1 3
Poop, diarrhea: usually pertaining to animals, mostly dogs. Sprockets are popped.
Chaser popped his sprocket in two locations, but only kicked one. Chaser is popping his sprocket.
by Andy_Silverstone91 January 18, 2009
12 20