A child, particularly a baby
How are the little sprockets doing?
by Matthew Cruickshank December 11, 2007
to be fast and wiley. To zip about with alot of energy.
Did you see him running up and down the court? That dude is such a sprocket!
by allieoops July 22, 2008
swift, upward moving blow to one's jaw; rendering the victim out-witted and unconscious
One guy says to another, "Yo mama so nasty, I called her for phone sex and she gave me an ear infection." (brief silence)
Other guy serves him a quick uppercut while yelling "Sproooooocket!"
by ricpug January 31, 2005
Cyberpunk slang for a cybernetic (prosthetic) vagina.
Her sprocket went crazy and almost took my Mr Studd off!
by Johnny2085 September 18, 2008

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