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Otter shit. Known for its distinctive smell.
Smells like spraint! Rotten spraint! Why you bring that spraint in here of all places?!
by $$$ CASH MONEY PLAYA $$$$ July 11, 2010
5 1
shortened term for "spray-paint."
aye i just got some sickass stencils, wanna go spraint something?
by Freddy said so. July 02, 2007
5 4
It's actually an ignorant way of saying SPRAINED.
Krissy: "Why are you limping that way?"

Londoner: "Oh last night I spraint my ankle walking up the apples and pears."

Krissy: "You mean you SPRAINED it you dumb."

Londoner: "Yes I spraint it"

by Ravey September 17, 2007
4 5
a ghizetto failure to perform a succesful sprint
when a black man wanna sprint, but he cain't, that bitch ass ho's a mothafuckin spraint yo. dam that sux to be him
by tupaco March 08, 2005
1 2
Term for a sprained taint.
One of my patients came in yesterday with a spraint. She said she had a wild night of passionate sex that may have caused it.
by Mark D. January 31, 2005
7 8
An injury to the wrist or hand that can be attributed to excessive masturbation. Really only noticeable if someone is wearing a cast - likely they will attempt to attribute this injury to something else though.

(Like we believe things like "carpal tunnel syndrome" are real. As if.)
She had a cast on her right wrist and when the spraint was identified, she wasn't impressed. Nice girls don't do that, you know.
by LucasDavenport June 06, 2007
4 7