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Otter shit. Known for its distinctive smell.
Smells like spraint! Rotten spraint! Why you bring that spraint in here of all places?!
by $$$ CASH MONEY PLAYA $$$$ July 11, 2010
It's actually an ignorant way of saying SPRAINED.
Krissy: "Why are you limping that way?"

Londoner: "Oh last night I spraint my ankle walking up the apples and pears."

Krissy: "You mean you SPRAINED it you dumb."

Londoner: "Yes I spraint it"

by Ravey September 17, 2007
a ghizetto failure to perform a succesful sprint
when a black man wanna sprint, but he cain't, that bitch ass ho's a mothafuckin spraint yo. dam that sux to be him
by tupaco March 08, 2005
Term for a sprained taint.
One of my patients came in yesterday with a spraint. She said she had a wild night of passionate sex that may have caused it.
by Mark D. January 31, 2005
An injury to the wrist or hand that can be attributed to excessive masturbation. Really only noticeable if someone is wearing a cast - likely they will attempt to attribute this injury to something else though.

(Like we believe things like "carpal tunnel syndrome" are real. As if.)
She had a cast on her right wrist and when the spraint was identified, she wasn't impressed. Nice girls don't do that, you know.
by LucasDavenport June 06, 2007
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