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the word used to describe the high you have when on cocaine, blow
holy shit, im so goddamn spracked right now. that was some goooood blow!~
by vanessa elliott July 01, 2005
44 18
The adjective describing the intense high following the use of an illicit stimulant such as cocaine, or methamphetamine:seeglass.blow.
"im fucking spracked off that rail"
by Gunther March 04, 2005
28 9
A word used to describe the next morning after serious drug use. Jittery, restless, a general feeling of uneasiness sometimes associated with boredness or lonliness.
"Man, all that junk we took last night has me spracked out."
by rob January 31, 2005
12 9
when someone is so high on meth they cannot act normal.
Mike is spracked as fuck right now he took a hit off the pizzle and now he wont stop talking to himself.
by Shit Head 123 October 13, 2009
6 6
Spun out on space crack.
I am going to get spracked!!!
by Sparky@#$%! July 10, 2009
5 7
The event of being struck upon one's elbow or knee causing sharp pain and often accompanied with a tingling funny bone sensation.
I totally shanked that rail and spracked my elbow
by Phishn February 06, 2005
2 6
adj: to be under the influence of cannabis sativa and caffeine simulatenously; feeling alert, productive, and content
I was so tired from smoking I had to get a coffee. I was spracked out of my mind for the rest of the day.
by Ian and Jen August 04, 2006
5 12