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Slang for Methamphetamine. Originates from Orem-Provo area, Utah.
"Dave, after you're done slammin that shit, draw me up some sprack too."
by Mike Lee aka somebody July 20, 2003
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The definition for "Sprack" is just another way to say, crank, meth, speed, or crystal.
Did you hook up any sprack?
by Cherry Dropps Bombz April 15, 2005
The term, sprack is used in reference to speed. Speed, as in, crank or meth. Or when making up lines to snort, it's called a spracker.
Got any sprack, baby? I'm comin' down. C'mon, honey, set me up with a big, fat, spracker. Or, Do you wanna do a spracker?
by Cherry Dropps Bombz February 11, 2005
combination of speed and crack, hence the name
Dude, I scored some really good sprack yesterday!
by Johnny Chimpo August 02, 2003
SLANG; to puff; or lose ones self in an on going endoeavor.
Most tweekers sprack twenty-four-seven.
by April 28, 2003
v. to ejaculate, nut, or cum.
1. I spracked in her ass leading to the expulsion of scrog.

2. She let me sprack in her mouth shortly before making out with chris.
by TheMaskedSpracker May 10, 2010
the act of, or resulting artwork when having liquid shits.
"I had to piss out my ass so bad i ended up with spack all over my underwear"
"Somebody spracked all over the back of the toliet seat"
"I walked in on Henry spracking all over the floor"
by Stanley Crapper September 02, 2008

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