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"Have you heard Just dance?"
"No, is it spotted?"
by Poladotttz! January 16, 2009
Top Definition
When you message someone via your choice of social media, and they've read your message but do absolutely nothing with their social media for an extremely long time.
Bob: Hello, Jim!
Jim: *reads the message but does not respond to Bob and supposedly does not interact in any other way on that social media*
Bob: Man, I hate getting spotted by Jim...
by ThoughtsDeeperThanCuts December 03, 2014
v. when a tampon or pad leaks through your pants, leaving a dark little spot on the ass of your jeans.
Possibly thee most embaressing thing that could happen. Especially in public.
Girl 1: damn it!
Girl 2: what?
Girl 1: I think I just spotted.
Girl 2: oooo! That sucks. I'll walk behind you, babe.
Girl 1: Thanks.

person 1: kye borrow some jeans?
perons 2: why?
person 1: i *whisper* spotted...
person 2: they're in the third drawer.
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