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a term originating from Jamaica that shows understanding....that one has "seen" what you just said.

Or is just as often used as a question (instead of "know what I'm saying?" or "know what I mean?")
"Smoke this sensi and you'll get lifted--no joke, ..don't check it with no lightweight stuff --seen?"

"true, true -- yeah man --seen."
by SG June 29, 2004
British slang for "well done", "perfect" or "right on,"

see also bang on
The food in England might not always be so good, but the brew in the pubs are spot on every time.
by SG June 28, 2004
to procure illegal materials
I scored some righteous weed last night
by SG March 13, 2002
A song by Missy Elliot. The chorus by the kids of Widney High is often misinterpreted. See Example for lyrics to chorus.
Whozoo? (who?)
My gizzurl.
Whalzinga izzat? (whos that?)
Its okizzay. Its allrizzight. Its okizzay. Its allrizzight.
Nizzow wizzee wizzil silzee. (Now we will see)
by SG April 02, 2003
A combination of the words 'whoa' and 'what' that allows better expression of surprise/awe and confusion/rhetorical denial.
"That guy just gave me a lot of dollars"
by sg May 03, 2004
The best Amanda-nickname ever!
I love my mandabear.
by sg May 03, 2004
something you say when things go well for you, especially when things go well for you when you're with a chick
Person #1: "Pumpkin, you're so hot!"

Person #2: "Ti Tang Tang!!"
by sg March 31, 2004

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