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AKA sp0rkeh.
A computer virus that masquerades as a hack for the game Counter-Strike, often used by members of myg0t. Among other things, Sporkeh changes window text to a l33t derivative of "sporkeh owns you," switches screen relolution to 640x480, switches right-click and left-click on your mouse, slows the mouse cursor to a crawl, and prevents any EXE files from being run.
See www.pwned.nl for an example.
by progamer124 April 13, 2005
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A stupid fake program, which is said to do multiple things, mainly for idiots who play counter strike all day.
Usually ends up being a virus if donwloaded.
Download Sporkeh Now!(3mb)
Features: Emulate "Steam", cheat on counter strike, and access hidden pentagon files.
by Thadanator February 13, 2005
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