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11 definitions by Thadanator

Very old way to say gay/homosexual.
see flit
It's from the 50s-60s
Greg: That guy is so flitty, it he were any more of a flit, he'd wish he wasn't so flitty.
Nick: That sounded really gay.
by Thadanator January 04, 2005
1. The past-tense of blueball.
When a guy is worked up sexualy, yet has to endure stopping before he's finished, for whatever reason.
Not a fun experiance
-Do not try at home-
I was getting head from Hannah last night, but then her parents came home and we had to stop. I got fuckin blueballed.
by Thadanator September 03, 2004
When you try to make a bad situation better, and end up with the original problem.
(The term comes from a board game, where you progress until something sends you back to square one.)
I wanted to make a lot of money, so I saved up a lot, bought a business, and gambled all my money away. Now I'm back to square one.
by Thadanator July 10, 2005
Chewing food.
Present tense of masticate.
NOT to be confused with masturbation.
Most commonly used when people pretend it's suggestive, as a joke (see example), although NOT actually funny.
Carl: You bob, last night, i masticated right at the dinner table! I got everything wet.
Bob: What a lame fucking joke.
by Thadanator September 09, 2004
The slur of "might as well"

It's just they way it's said, mise well doesn't mean anything.

It's said more like "Mize well"
Randy: You goin to the party at Phil's house?
Ron: Well, I mise well, I've got nothing else to do.
by Thadanator April 06, 2005
When a man gets in a fight with his wife/girlfriend, and has to sleep on the couch that night instead of in bed, it's considered a coucher.
Bitch: You don't do anything around here, you're a lazy sack of shit!
Man: I don't work 40 hours a week to listen to you bitch. Why don't YOU get a job?
Bitch: Fuck off.
Man: I guess tonight's a coucher...
by Thadanator October 10, 2005
1.Clothing worn over the foot.
Usually made of durable material such as rubber and leather versus cloth.
Not to be confused with a sock.

2. A representative place, used explain being someone else.
(like saying the tables are turned)
1. My shoe's gonna be up your ass in a minute if you don't shut the hell up.

2. None of you could handle being in their shoes.
by Thadanator July 09, 2005