To, rape someone with a spoon preferably side ways, while in french class! Sadie's are usually givin this nick name, because they are the ones to be doing this!
David: Oh my god in french class i got totally spooned!
Amanda: It was sadie right?
David: you know it whore!
Sadie: Yeeeeeeeeee Nigzzz, that was me! oh yeah!!! rapeseed!!!!
Amanda: I wanna be a spooner where is tony and his mole! SERVICE ME!!
by Spooner/Big O February 26, 2009
Mild term used for a foolish or silly person. I have only ever heard this used in Devon, England. Hardly urban...
You dropped it in the sink? You total spooner!
by l42emmings August 11, 2005
Code for an extremely good-looking man.
"Oh my god, check it out; there's a spooner right behind you..."
by Nan Bread March 07, 2006
in football/soccer when the player skies the ball ridiculously high over the bar
open goal and he's skied it! what a spooner!
spooner! spooner!
by devilboy December 23, 2005
1. Somebody who says or does something so stupid and or retarded that they could be mistaken for someone who needs to be "spoon" fed, i.e a mentally handicapped person
Josh: "hey guys!?"

Dan & Mole: "what a spooner!"
by Mole(Flea100) January 15, 2007
Used to refer to a person with a huge forehead that usually recedes to the middle of the scalp. Usually accompanied by the callee slapping his/her forehead.
Oi spooner..your forehead is so shiny it looks've got a spoon on it!
by Baggus November 06, 2006
A guy, who, sit's at lunch, and carves face and other things into his fruit.
Guy 1 - "That guy Steve...He's such a Spooner."

Guy 2 - "We should start calling him 'Spooner Steve '"

Guy 1 and 2 - "Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha"
by Nick Nick June 06, 2006

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