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a particular species of people living mostly in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. Spooners typically wear white three-quarter pants and have their hair fashioned in a silver coloured bob style. their children generally go to private schools and they support the Adelaide Crows. Their attitude is typically presumptuous and judgmental.
nice spooner haircut
by asdfghjkl20111964 May 03, 2011
A white boy with freckles, brown hair, and a huge dick.
Hey Emily i banged a guy last night and he was a spooner.
by lockoforcake March 03, 2010
josh and vinny (see spooning)
I think Josh and Vinny are a couple of spooners.
by concernedmom December 05, 2004
spooning is 1 of the better things in life it is so mad i love spooning spooners it rox the box ahh yeah and sex it is cool also but not wen u get them pregz that sux thats wen u wanna run from there dads
i love to spoon spooners
by zach February 20, 2005
One who was brought up with a silver spoon in their mouth. An individual who was on the receiving end of free post-secondary education courtesy of Mummy and Daddy. A spooner is often heard spouting philosophical nonsense such as "Age is just a number and it's all in your head" and "It is what is, chief."
That young, professional engineer who views his paycheck as an entitlement sure is a gosh-damned spooner.
by Harold G February 15, 2008
an evil girl/woman who loves to prey on men; similar to an incubus. they love drama and the color green. Spooners are usually found at coffee shops in skimpy shorts, where you can see fat globbing out, and belly shirts. beware the spooner.
dude 1: "OMG!! Do you see that spooner?"

dude 2: " Yeah, she comes by here all the time. Just shield your eyes."
by Steezy Joe June 12, 2008
A sophisticated form of 'tool'. When combining 'stoner' and 'tool', spooner is made.
He's such a spooner.
by Vanessia September 28, 2009