A girl who lies next to a boy very closely, like two spoons. Usually on a bed accompanied by kissing.
Katie is such a spooner.
by Kituhn March 06, 2007
Top Definition
one who "spoons" (lay very close together, the way spoons do in a drawer) another of the same sex
by ohlo July 10, 2005
Small town in Wisconsin, population 2653 (including the cows). Full of nothing but strung out potheads, stuck-up preps, and people who will never leave. Rumors spread like wildfire, and probably exceed the population. Not much to do, and nothing much to look forward to.
"I'm so sick of this small town drama"
"Well... you do live in Spooner"

"I want to go to a good college!!"
"Dude, you're not going anywhere living here."
by SickOfTheSmallTown November 06, 2011
The winner of the wooden spoon for coming last in a competition
Alan came last in the bowling contest. He's the new spooner.
by Madrob September 09, 2011
a particular species of people living mostly in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. Spooners typically wear white three-quarter pants and have their hair fashioned in a silver coloured bob style. their children generally go to private schools and they support the Adelaide Crows. Their attitude is typically presumptuous and judgmental.
nice spooner haircut
by asdfghjkl20111964 May 03, 2011
Noun-An individual who can dish it out, but is characteristically incapable of taking it; Someone who readily makes fun of or criticizes others, usually with the goal of obtaining peer approval. Upon receiving accusations or judgement, an insecure spooner will break down emotionally, apologize profusely, or even go into hiding.
1. That dude is such a spooner! He talked so tough, but when I called him out to fight, he left the party.

2. Ann: "Did you see Kay's facebook post yesterday?"

Bree: "Yeah! She was so mean to Joe that it pissed off everybody and when they all commented, she deleted her profile. What a SPOONER!"
by HottPinkMama April 16, 2012
When you are at a party and you see someone hooking up, but one person doesnt know what they are doing and it looks as if they are eating the other persons face.
Girl "Hey look at them!"
Guy "Whoa, that girl doesn't know what she's doing!"
Girl & Guy "Way to pull a Spooner!"
by lol-ipopz October 30, 2011
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