An alternative word for the act of giving a 'raspberry' in which air is blown from the mouth against flesh, often the belly, in a comical way.
"She giggled uncontrollably when I spoofed her belly."
by Cheese245 April 11, 2009
Stealing wireless internet from others
I dont pay for internet because I spoof it off of the neighbors
by fikus56 April 09, 2007
Defines LB ex. Spoofa, Spoofie, Spoofarific, Spoofaholic, Spoofadelic, Spoofarama, Spoofie-Poo, etc.
She went up and up and then all of a sudden...SPOOF it appeared.
by Lauren November 14, 2003
thereis alot of different meanings. the one i know abot is to cum
he spoofed on me
by klaja26 October 27, 2003
Someone who "gets off" to or takes pleasure in all Math, Physics, and Engineering subjects. Especially someone who has lame jokes for every class involving the above subjects. Also a brown-noser to all teachers in these classes and someone who takes the lesson to a completely absurd level in order to sound smart. The most annoying person in class that even Yoda would call a nerd. Someone who is very fluent in "nerd". Finally, someone who stares awkwardly at all cool people and laughs completely out of place at all jokes.
Dude, did you hear Bob in Differential Equations today? He cracked the stupidest joke ever and thought it was hilarious. What a spoof!
by bobsageek March 11, 2010
a super-tweaker or an ultimate tweak. To get so high that you can't see anything but get even higher so you almost OD on the shit that you've got.
jace got so high that he was a spoof and we all laughed at him until he fell down, in the fetal position, and cried.
by The spoofenator May 23, 2006
(Noun) A common street name for methamphetamine in the South-Eastern United States, particularly North Carolina.

Spark that pan, bro, and pass that spoof over here...
by 1-Up April 03, 2007
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