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Spoof, verb.

When smoking marijuana out of a bowl, homemade or otherwise, the act of exhaling forcefully (normally a cough) without removing your mouth from the apparatus and blowing the weed everywhere.
"You fucking idiot, you spoofed it!"
by dirksauce September 01, 2008
4 4
A meth pipe.
"Does Mario have a spoof? I got a 30 sack and I lost my old one."
by Recreational Science Teacher August 23, 2012
0 1
Getting hooted with clean clothes. (dirtying clean clothes)
He got hella spoofed when i spilled red soda on my friends new white shirt.
by McSpoofmeister408 September 14, 2010
0 1
In northern Ireland Spoof means to talk utter crap.
1. "I pulled 6 times last night"
2. "SPOOF"

by 182appleshampoo April 21, 2009
1 2
The old southern meaning of spoof or the act of "spoofing" is to trick or otherwise play a practical joke on someone. (This might be remembered from the old "Deputy Dawg" cartoon where the mischievous Muskie the Muskrat constantly spoofed Vince Van Gopher, Deputy Dawg and Sheriff.)

Muskie: "Depty Dawg, Depty Dawg! Vince fell in the quickmud!"
Deputy Dawg: "Dag nabit! This better not be a spoof, Muskie!"
Muskie: "It's possible... It's possible..."

by Nabru September 14, 2005
7 8
Impersonation. Identity hacking. Pretending to be another sex, or age, or color, or weight, or ethicality, or someone else altogether.
I spoof to get the guy's password.
by konholio February 15, 2005
13 14
a parody of a TV show, historical event, video game, etc.
VideogameDC.com is all about spoofs on video games.
by Light Joker September 29, 2004
9 10