A show that was very funny,.. till they hired some retard writer after the movie. Now it is probably the stupidest and most annoying show around, especially because it refuses to die. Nickelodeon gargles piss.
Spongebob = 8=D ^_^ <3
by Count Spoogeula June 22, 2011
A once popular tv show. After the third season of the show and the movie. The show went down at a 90 degree angle like the episode "rock bottom"

seasons 1-3: Funny episodes. Funny jokes. Even adults laugh to it. This couldve made up for all of the shows nickelodeon cancelled.

The movie: Graphic changes. Spongbob appeared in an unusual yellow. His voice also changed. He also became a little more immature, with unusual humor.

Season 4: apparently, steven hillenburg left. The show started downsloping. They changed his voice to an annoying higher pitched voice. They also made patrick more of a dumbass.

The rest of them: the new producers completely shrunk the size of his genitalia. He turned into a spineless pussy who is curious for men like patrick. They completely wrongfully stereotyped teenagers; some of them looked like 2 year olds, and some had that gay preppy voice (i.e. That is just soo totally weird). They completely ruined the only good show on nickelodeon. They aimed at the entertainment for toddlers.
little boy: ow my gosh spongebob is so funny.
Me: you will grow up to be gay.
by ironmaiden8667 June 26, 2010
a little yellow square dude that lives in a pinnaple has a pet snail named gary is best friends with patrick the starfish works at the krusty krab making krabby patties for mr. krabs and daughter pearl the whale and then goes to boating school with mrs. puff to get hims boating lisence and loves jelly fishing and karate with his other friendsandy cheeks the underwater squirrel and then in hisspare time he tends to annoy squidward as he lives next door to him and then works with him
Jelly fishing jelly fishing yeah
i'm ready i'm ready
by panda February 27, 2005
The show that after the second season made most kids gay
I Just got a boner from watchign spongebob and patrick hug.
by CPa SWR May 18, 2010
a yellow laughing sponge that lives under the sea
who works at the krust crab and likes to jelly fish, also one of my favortie cartoons untill new episodes began to make him dummer, and more violent.
Hey did you watch spongebob last night?
by rckitlow November 20, 2009
giving a sponge bob is when your given your woman oral sex while shes wearin the sponge
i jus realised while i was doin oral sex on my lady i seen she had her sponge in so i asked her how was that sponge bob
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 14, 2009
spongebob is a nice sponge. he is also funny. First of all, he is NOT GAY. I looked in urban dictionary and it said he is not gay so if you think that he is then you should just stay an idiot okayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! gosh so there is proof because he has been doing a lot of thinks for sandy cheeks. So that means that probably spongebob likes sandy. Also, if you draw gay pictures then that means YOU are gay. He likes his friends patrick,mr.krabs,and squidward but not in a GAY way! Remember, he is a sponge!!!!! a sea creature! So if you don't like spongebob then stop insulting him. Think to yourself is this the way how you should behave? Ask yourself that. So the point is that spongebob is not gay and don't put immature pictures about gay stuff. If you don't like spongebob or any other cartoon well fine!!! so if you put thumbs down you are a really bad person. if you put thumbs up you are a sweet angel. Also tell me if woodler sockbat and spongebob are friends or relatives. And remember: not a gay way!!!! Lying is a very bad thing to do so don't do it and think about what you do decide to do before you do it. Honesty is the best policy. He is NOT gay. And I know that because I am a spongebob major fan.
guy: is spongebob gay?
guy2: not in a bad way, but he is a very happy sponge(the nice meaning of gay is happy).
by fisherman deputy vet February 09, 2008
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