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The thick mixture of jizz and period blood.
Dude 1: Aw man, yesterday was terrible.
Dude 2: Why?
Dude 1: I went home to a spongebob on my living room floor.
Dude 2: Aw man that sucks.
by FISHizzle April 30, 2012
In Grand Theft Auto IV, when 6 or more cop cars crash into your vehicle and they start piling up everywhere. Reference to Spongebob episode where Spongebob got boxed in by many cops.
Joe: "Holy shit Ian, last time I played GTAIV, I got into a Spongebob and somehow escaped."

Ian: "Wow, I wish I could do that."
by Wannaseesomethinwild June 13, 2011
a yellow laughing sponge that lives under the sea
who works at the krust crab and likes to jelly fish, also one of my favortie cartoons untill new episodes began to make him dummer, and more violent.
Hey did you watch spongebob last night?
by rckitlow November 20, 2009
A tampon
Spongebob lives in Bikini Bottom with (Mr.) Crabs.
by El Dorko February 09, 2009
spongebob is a nice sponge. he is also funny. First of all, he is NOT GAY. I looked in urban dictionary and it said he is not gay so if you think that he is then you should just stay an idiot okayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! gosh so there is proof because he has been doing a lot of thinks for sandy cheeks. So that means that probably spongebob likes sandy. Also, if you draw gay pictures then that means YOU are gay. He likes his friends patrick,mr.krabs,and squidward but not in a GAY way! Remember, he is a sponge!!!!! a sea creature! So if you don't like spongebob then stop insulting him. Think to yourself is this the way how you should behave? Ask yourself that. So the point is that spongebob is not gay and don't put immature pictures about gay stuff. If you don't like spongebob or any other cartoon well fine!!! so if you put thumbs down you are a really bad person. if you put thumbs up you are a sweet angel. Also tell me if woodler sockbat and spongebob are friends or relatives. And remember: not a gay way!!!! Lying is a very bad thing to do so don't do it and think about what you do decide to do before you do it. Honesty is the best policy. He is NOT gay. And I know that because I am a spongebob major fan.
guy: is spongebob gay?
guy2: not in a bad way, but he is a very happy sponge(the nice meaning of gay is happy).
by fisherman deputy vet February 09, 2008
1. Shortened from the characters name Spongebob Squarepants from the American animated series of the same name.

2. A Spongebob is slang for someone who acts square (Hence Spongebob Squarepants being square shaped), considered lame or uncool or tries too hard.

3. Also noted to be used to describe someone who has a square body, be that by appearance of their physique or caused by clothing they are wearing.
"These guys are Spongebobs"

"People who enjoy Spongebob Squarepants might be considered Spongebobs"
by Matteoso December 17, 2007
A sex maneveur in which, while having sex in a tub, the male blows his load in the tub, while the female fishes up the load with her mouth (her head bobs in the water), then spits the load into her had and rubs it into her vagina, so to absorb it like a sponge.
Spongebob! Judy, Spongebob...!!! quick sponge up that sperm!
by hungryhippo234567 August 08, 2009