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The sequence in which you eat pizza. You first eat it as DINner, then BREAKfast.
"Larry invited me to Quizno's, but I stayed home to Dinbreak."
by StankySam February 07, 2007
Someone who is a Hurricane Katrina victum/survivor and required FEMA money in order to survive in Texas; a tiny African-American kid.

Also please be advised, Nigglets tend to attack local Texans for no reason.
1.Many people residing in Texas who are bad at school and make up wierd scentences. ex)

Kobe: Oh Mrs. teacher, I can go to da bathroom?
teacher: Actually it is said "May I go to the bathroom", and no you may not... nigglet
Kobe: ah man, I just wanna Rap.

2.A high school hustler.
by StankySam January 07, 2007
A place were poor ass Mexicans or latins with a few black people live. There is a %80 chance you will be robbed and beatin there. Mostly appartments, and made of tiny thrift stores, El Barrio is one of the most dangeorus places in any city.
Graifiti, Reggeton music, lowriders, and teens fightin each other are all signs you live in El Barrio. Also, if you hear shootings and "Arrrrrrrrriba esssssey" are signs too.
by StankySam January 08, 2007
A reason why little 9 year olds shouldn't be allowed in this website. It saddens me that people atcually like this crap.
Some one :"A cartoon character on Nickelodeon. He is a yellow, square-shaped, friendly sponge who works at the Krusty Krab.

He lives in a pineapple under the sea. Absorbant and yellow and porous is he."

Me:Fuck off anklebitter, i shoot yo mutha fukin soccer mom! and Spongebob can go to hell and suck demon's balls.
by StankySam January 26, 2007

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